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Two new articles by Harvey Silverglate Reflect on Massachusetts Criminal Justice News

In an October 4, 2014 piece for Forbes magazine Attorney Harvey Silverglate, of counsel to ZDB, discusses the history of the necessity defense in Massachusetts, including in his own practice, in light of an unusual recent case in which activists charged criminally for blocking a shipping channel to prevent the delivery of coal planned to raise the necessity defense in court, arguing that the threat of climate change justified their actions. The piece is available here. And in a second column, dated October 5, 2014, Mr. Silverglate criticizes the decision by federal judge George A. O’Toole, Jr. to deny accused Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev a change of venue for his trial, calling the decision “inexplicable . . . unless hubris is taken into consideration.” That article is available to read here.

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