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Inga Bernstein, Monica Shah, and Naomi Shatz sue Commonwealth and its agencies for employment discrimination

On March 28, 2013, the firm sued the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, the Governor’s Office, the Executive Office for Public Safety and Security, and the Department of Correction in federal court on behalf of Anne Manning-Martin, a Department of Correction employee. The complaint alleges that the government promoted Ms. Manning-Martin to the position of Deputy Superintendent of one of its facilities, refused to pay her the salary it promised her for 21 months, and then demoted her after she expressed her political support for her sister, Mary-Ellen Manning, a member of the Governor’s Council and critic of the Patrick administration. The complaint also alleges that Ms. Manning-Martin was demoted because she notified the Department of Correction that she required medical leave for cancer treatment, and because she complained about the Commonwealth’s failure to pay her upon her promotion. During the nearly two years Ms. Manning-Martin served as the Deputy Superintendent she was paid a salary approximately $35,000 less per year than the man the Commonwealth hired to replace her.

The plaintiff’s complaint is available here: Manning v. Commonwealth Amended Complaint

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