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Norman Zalkind & Harvey Silverglate Honored by National Lawyers Guild

On May 15, 2015, the National Lawyers Guild – Massachusetts Chapter celebrated its 45th anniversary since its rebirth in late 1969 and the beginning of 1970. As a part of this celebration, the founders of the renewed Massachusetts Chapter of the National Lawyers Guild were honored at the annual NLG Testimonial Dinner.  ZDB’s founding partner, Norman Zalkind, and of counsel, Harvey Silverglate, were among those founders celebrated at this dinner as they played a vital role in re-establishing the Massachusetts Chapter after disbandment in 1953 due to McCarthyism. During a time of widespread activism, the new Guild represented clientele ranging from the Black Panther Party to anti-war demonstrators to women’s rights activists. Thanks to the support and involvement of attorneys Zalkind and Silverglate in these representations, the NLG Massachusetts Chapter became a crucial part of holding the activist legal community together and has continued to impact social legal change to this day.

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